School Coaching Programme

Curriculum Time Coaching

The Scheme offers local schools the chance to receive coaching during curriculum time. Fully qualified Football Association coaches who are employed by the Scheme can visit your school with all the necessary equipment, for a minimum of five weeks. Pupils receive structured sessions which complement the P.E. curriculum already being taught.

The flexible approach of our coaches enables the sessions to be adapted to the age and group size as well as any restrictions due to the school's facilities. The service proves very popular and provides an ideal opportunity for teaching staff to learn new skills which can support their own teaching of this activity. The cost of each session is £25.00 for one hour, based on one coach being able to take a club size.

After School Coaching Clubs

This is a new service available to local schools. Clubs are run on a six week or twelve week period with F.A. qualified coaches visiting the school at the end of the school day to coach boys and girls the skills and techniques of the game. All the necessary equipment will be provided, all that we ask it that you provide the facility and the children.

A club can start with a minimum of twelve and a maximum of twenty players. If demand is high, extra coaches can come in based on this ratio. The coaching takes place in a familiar and safe environment with the emphasis on providing a fun and enjoying learning experience.

The cost is £18.00 per child for a six week course, £36.00 for twelve weeks. To help the club run smoothly we would ask the school to collect the payment, with all cheques made payable to: Aldershot Town FC FITC.