Fan Wall

A fun way to support the club without breaking the bank, apply your face to the impressive new Fan Wall at ATFC and show your pride and support for the club.

The Fan Wall is a new initiative here at the football club. It's a great way to show your support to ATFC by opting to have your face atatched to one of the charactured images on this massive 11m x 3m board on the back of the North Bank. Be brimming with pride as thousands of people will walk past this high traffic area and see your face.

It's now only £30 for life! And your face will be up for as long as the board is here at the club!

It's a great present for family or friends, and a great thing to show off with when you bring your associates to the club.

It's filling up fast so to be part of this before its too late.

...I'm glad to be part of this exciting venture, it's backing the club and it's fun!

Whether boy or girl, young or old, be proud of your club!

Email for more details on how to participate.

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Fan Wall
Fan Wall
Fan Wall
Fan Wall

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