Then And Now

This section contains an overall view of the statistical history of the club in addition to who has held key positions since the inception of the club in 1992 and a list of the main sponsors during that period.

Aldershot Town FC- Season By Season

  • 1992/93 Isthmian Div 3 (1st) Average Att: 2070 (Highest: 2873) Manager: Steve Wignall
  • 1993/94 Isthmian Div 2 (2nd P) Average Att: 1890 (Highest: 3301)Manager: Steve Wignall
  • 1994/95 Isthmian Div 1 (4th) Average Att:1852 (Highest: 2920)Manager: Steve Wignall/Steve Wigley
  • 1995/96 Isthmian Div 1 (5th) Average Att: 1645 (Highest: 2141) Manager: Steve Wigley
  • 1996/97 Isthmian Div 1 (7th) Average Att: 1651 (HIghest: 2232) Manager: Steve Wigley
  • 1997/98 Isthmian Div 1 (1st) Average Att: 2250 (Highest: 4289) Manager: George Borg
  • 1998/99 Isthmian Prem (7th) Average Att: 1995 (Highest: 2798) Manager: George Borg
  • 1999/00 Isthmian Prem (2nd) Average Att: 2070 (Highest: 5518) Manager: George Borg
  • 2000/01 Isthmian Prem (4th) Average Att: 1972 (Highest: 3197) Manager: George Borg
  • 2001/02 Isthmian Prem (3rd) Average Att: 1828 (Highest: 2630) Manager: G Borg/Terry Brown
  • 2002/03 Isthmian Prem (1st) Average Att: 1980 (Highest: 3419) Manager: Terry Brown
  • 2003/04 Conference (5th PO) Average Att: 3303 (Highest: 6379) Manager: Terry Brown
  • 2004/05 Conference (4th PO) Average Att: 2802 (Highest: 6617) Manager: Terry Brown
  • 2005/06 Conference (13th) Average Att: 2304 (Highest: 3136) Manager: Terry Brown
  • 2006/07 Conference (9th) Average Att: 2360 (Highest: 3621) Manager: Terry Brown
  • 2007/08 Conference (1st) Average Att: 3030 (Highest: 5980) Manager: Gary Waddock
  • 2008/09 Football L2 (15th) Average Att: 3276 (Highest 5023) Manager: Gary Waddock
  • 2009/10 Football L2 (6th PO) Average Att: 3181 (Highest 5470) Manager: Kevin Dillon (Nov)
  • 2010/11 Football L2 (14th) Average Att: 2487 (Highest 3722) Manager: Kevin Dillon/Dean Holdsworth
  • 2011/12 Football L2 (11th) Average Att: 2864 (Highest 4119) Manager: Dean Holdsworth

Managers (Assistant Manager in brackets)

  • 1992-1995: Steve Wignall (Keith Baker, Paul Shrubb)
  • 1995-1997: Steve Wigley (Paul Shrubb)
  • 1997-2002: George Borg (Stuart Cash)
  • 2002-2007: Terry Brown (Stuart Cash/Martin Kuhl)
  • 2007-2009: Gary Waddock (Martin Kuhl)
  • 2009-11 : Kevin Dillon (Gary Owers)
  • 2011-: Dean Holdsworth (Matthew Bishop)

Directors (Retired in brackets)

  • April 1992 (Formation of club): Terry Owens (2002), *Graham Brookland (1993)
  • June 1992: Peter Bloomfield (2012), Malcolm Grant (1994), Kevin Donegan (1996), John McGinty (deceased 2009), Karl Prentice (2007)
  • 1993: *Barry Underwood (1998)
  • 1996 : Aidan Whelan (2007)
  • 1997: John Leppard, *Ian Read (1999)
  • 1999: *Mike Guess (2001)
  • 2001: *Paul Bright (2004)
  • 2004: Simon Groves (2009), * Paul Muddell (deceased 2007)
  • 2007: Paul Foy (2008), *Richard Petty (2008)
  • 2008: *Keith Abel (2010), Doug Wilson (2010), Tony Cotugno (2011), Tim Elliott (2009), Leighton Moat (2009), Tony Taylor (2009), *Tony Brooker (2010)
  • 2009: Kris Machala
  • 2010: Michael McGinty
  • 2011: Shahid Azeem, Per Breimyr, Ian Dawkins, Damon Walker, Richard Low (2012) Tony Knights, Mike Smith,

*- Supporters representative. Bold = still in post


  • 1992-98: Terry Owens
  • 1998-2006: Karl Prentice
  • 2006-2009: John McGinty
  • 2009-10: John Leppard
  • 2010-13: Kris Machala
  • 2013: Shahid Azeem


  • 1992-1996: Peter Bridgeman (Company to 1993)
  • 1993-2002: Graham Brookland (Club and Company from 1996)
  • 2002-03:Graham Hortop
  • 2003-2006: Andy Morgan
  • 2006-2010: Graham Hortop
  • 2010-: Bob Green

Main Sponsors

  • 1992-93: Pams Florists
  • 1993-98: Datrontech
  • 1998-2002: Charters Peugeot
  • 2002-2005: Hi Speed Services Ltd
  • 2005-06: Charters Peugeot
  • 2006-07: EBB Paper
  • 2007-08: Ezylet
  • 2008-10: EBB Paper
  • 2010/11: The Xfor Group
  • 2011- EBB Paper

Picture Gallery

John McGinty. Director from 1992 and Chairman between 2006 and 2009 before he sadly passed away after a brave battle with cancer.
Karl Prentice (right). Director from June 1992 and Chairman from 1998-2006
Founder Terry Owens (central) with Graham Brookland (right) who became founding Director in April 1992 with brother David Brookland who set up club business structure at formation)
Tim Elliott (right) MD of EBB Paper and staunch Shots supporter
Peter Bloomfield. Director- Appointed in June 1992 and still on the Board.
Aidan Whelan- Director from 1996-2007 and responsible for Youth Development
John Leppard (right) - Director from 1997 and currently Vice Chairman presenting an award to all time Aldershot FC record goalscorer Jack Howarth
Simon Groves- Director from 2004-2009
Paul Muddell- Director who represented the Supporters Club from 2004 to 2007 before he sadly passed away after watching the Shots defeat Woking on Boxing Day. Pictured with John McGinty, Keith Abel and Richard Petty
Kris Machala (right). The current Chairman appointed in July 2010 pictured with Richard Petty and Tim Elliott
Chaplain Mike Pusey (right) with Chairman John McGinty (left) at the annula and extremely popular Aldershot Town Christmas Carol service held at the Holy Trinity Church in Aldershot
Steve Wigley. Manager from 1995 to 1997. Has had a successful career including as Coach of England Under 21 since 2007.
George Borg. Manager from 1997-2002. Won the Isthmian Division One championship and had a host of cup successes during his tenure
Terry Brown. Manager from 2002-2007 before leaving to look after his wife Sue who was seriously ill at the time.Steered club to Isthmian Premier division and two consecutive Conference play offs. Pictured with Sue on a return to the EBB Stadium and to whom a presentation was made by the club
Gary Waddock. Led the club to the Football League in 2008 in tremendous style accumulating over 100 points. Pictured with John McGinty and Assistant Manager Martin Kuhl
Kevin Dillon. Appointed manager in November 2009 and led the club to the Football League play offs.
Hi Speed Services were sponsors between 2002 and 2004 and made a magnificent contribution to the community too. They organised, through MD Ian Dawkins, a fundraising activity with the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice to purchase a much required van for the local charity.
The Board of Directors in 1998 with Financial Advisor Julian Palmer pictured fourth from the left
The loyal and popular Rosemary Aggett pictured with Gary Abbott. Rosemary has been involved within the administration of both clubs since the mid 1970's
Barry Underwood- Supporters Club Chairman and Director from 1994 to 1998. Pictured with wife Sheila and children Matthew and Jack
Supporters Club Chairman Ian Read who was on the Board from 1997 to 1999. Ian has been a supporter of football in Aldershot since 1967
Vice President Jack Rollin shares a joke with John Leppard, a Director since 1997 and Chairman in 2009/10
Peter Bloomfield makes a presentation to Bob Green who was appointed Club Secretarry in 2010
Mike Guess was the Supporters Club representative on the Board of Directors from 1999 to 2001
Hi Speed Services Ltd were the club sponsors between 2002 and 2005 where they were involved in an Isthmian League championship and two Conference play offs
Annual General Meeting time during the Steve Wigley era with Legal Advisor David O'Connell in the centre
Popular Clubman Norman Penny who served both clubs in a variety of roles. Norman sadly passed away in 2009 after a long illness
Dave Tomlinson was Groundsman at the Rec from 1962 through to 2006. Pictured here with his Assistant Kevin Brown
First ever Secretary Peter Bridgeman pictured here with his wife Lee who helped in the Hospitality areas for many years
Aldershot based company Datrontech became the second club sponsors in 1993. Managing Director Ian Boyle signs the dotted line at the official launch at the Lakeside Country Club with Directors Karl Prentice (second left) alongside Kevin Donegan and President Arthur English
Arthur English alongside Datrontech's Ian Boyle and the Mayor of Rushmoor in 1993
In 1997 the club received a visit from a former Prime Minister
Philip Torjussen pictured with daughter Emma. Philip was a tremendous sponsor for the club in the opening decade through his company Telefonix. He sponsored the Shotsline in addition to the youth team
Ezylet were club sponsors in 2007/08 with founder Paul Foy pictured on the left at the launch
The Xfor Group became sponsors in the summer of 2009. Pictured here at the official launch.
Directors celebrate a late Ryan Williams winner at Grays Athletic in September 2006
Nick Fryer served as Press Officer from 1992 through to 2010 and played a major part in the formation of the club
Paul Bright was a Director and Supporters club representative from 2001 to 2004
Steve Wignall was the first ever manager of the club in 1992 and led the team to two successive promotions before having a successful period in charge of Colchester United who he also guided to promotion
Chairman Karl Prentice mixing with the fans at the 1999 Isthmian League Cup Final