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: Kris Machala 2012/2013

Kris Machala: 2012/2013 Biography & Statistics

Kris was born and educated in Warsaw, Poland and is civil engineer by trade. He arrived in England in 1981 and spent most of his live around Hampshire and Surrey area. Kris was a founder and owner of number successful businesses in the area. He retired early but retainined interest in property management, retail and holiday companies. He invested in the club becoming a main board director in February 2009 and then was appointed Chairman in July 2010.

He injected further money into Aldershot as part of a financial restructure in May 2011, taking controlling stake in Aldershot Town F.C by increasing his shareholding to 51%. His main aim and ambition is to make sure that Aldershot Town FC will become one of the best run clubs in the Football League, not only playing entertaining football but also to be self sufficent and financially stable and independent.

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