Coaching staff 2012/2013
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Ben Cobbett: 2012/2013 Biography & Statistics

Ben is the younger brother of ex-Shots midfielder Sam Cobbett and joined the club in 2009 as Academy Sports Scientist/Fitness Coach.

He has represented professional football clubs at junior level and now still plays semi-professionally. Ben has an Exercise Science degree and is currently studying for a Masters Degree in Sports Performance as well as Diplomas in Sports Massage and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

He is also due to complete the FA Fitness Trainers Award in June 2010. Ben provides support to improve the players' performance from a physiological, biomechanical and psychological point of view.

Heart rate monitoring and GPS speed/distance monitoring are used to ensure training load is at the optimum level and each player is given strict personalised programmes to follow for their physical development.

The latest innovative methods are used to maximise the players' performance and to help them achieve their aim of earning a professional contract at Aldershot Town Football Club.

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