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: Graham Brookland 2012/2013

Graham Brookland: 2012/2013 Biography & Statistics

Graham is a lifelong supporter of the club watching his first game at the Rec at the age of 7; a 6-0 victory versus Cambridge United in 1974. He served the Supporters Club in a variety of duties from 1982 leading to being elected Chairman in 1990. Played a major role in the formation of Aldershot Town in 1992 along with the Supporters Club and owns one of the two shares purchased to form the club in April 1992. He eventually became full time Company Secretary of the football club in 1993; a role that he filled until March 2002. He joined the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, where his father had passed away the previous year, as a fundraiser and worked there for five years. The Hospice became the club's official charity and over £100,000 was raised directly in five years through initiatives involving the club, players, management and primarily supporters of Aldershot Town.

Graham remains deeply involved in the club responsible for the media and website; he also provides the Premium Shots service. He continued the Club Call telephone line line until 2009 which raised over £300,000 to the football club. He is also Deputy County Secretary and Referees Secretary of the Army FA based in Aldershot.

Graham's son Oliver is also keenly involved with the official website where he has a variety of duties on match days home and away.

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