Support the Shots Scoring Goals next Season!

Goals are back at the EBB Stadium!

Support the Shots, and help to raise funds for the club!

From as little as 25p per goal you can sponsor the whole team to score!

The Shots

For every goal scored you will donate that specificed amount to the club, and will get your name in the programme and on the website in respect of your great generosity.

Amounts will be totalled and tallied at the end of the season and will be charged for that amount on or after the 15th May 2012.

Every little helps and is massively appreciated!

SUPPORTING THE GOALS for 2010/2011 was:

-Nicholas Smith
-Heather Nickleson
-Liam Miller
-Josh Hill
-Barbara Nickleson
-Benard Dennis
-Alan Daborn
-Tim Lee (Doubled pledge if hat trick is scored!)
-Paul Lambden
-Martin Harrington
-David Jones
-Geoff Goddard
-John Foggo

Last year we raised: £182.25

Let's do even better this year!

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