Alex Rodman Update

Aex Rodman speaks with Premium Shots to give an update as to his progress

All Shots supporters were recently concerned to hear the news that popular winger Alex Rodman has been ruled out for the rest of the season after suffering from a pulmonary embolism.

Alex spoke to Premium Shots and explained how he is getting on after the initial shock of the diagnosis which was made after club doctor Imran Khan referred Alex to St George's Hospital in London for tests.

Alex said, "It was weird really. I was feeling fine and yet there I was with this serious condition. After I was diagnosed at St George's the professor there, Professor Sanjay Sharma, referred me to the hospital in Solihull which is nearer to my home.

"As at first I needed to have daily treatments of an injection to raise my blood levels and a daily blood test it was good to be near to my family and friends, all of whom have been fantastic. When you are ill you really appreciate having your family to support you and they have been a big help in taking me to hospital appointments and such like.

"I drove myself to the Solihull hospital after my appointment at St George's and when I got there they were horrified! They said I should have come by ambulance so having family to look out for you has been good. It does mean though that I haven't seen the lads for a few weeks and it's hard being away from things at Aldershot. I came down to watch the Accrington Stanley match but haven't been down south since then.

"I am now taking warfarin and will do so for the next three months. Because of this I am not able to take part in any form of contact sport or training as a cut to the head or eye could prove really serious.

"I was told to take a month's rest after my diagnosis and that finishes this weekend so I will be starting back at fitness training from this coming Monday which will consist of running and weights. I am looking forward to coming back down south to Aldershot and seeing everyone at Aldershot Town."

Alex admits that he is feeling much more upbeat about his condition than he was a few weeks ago. He adds, "I have spoken to Professor Sharma and he was very positive and there have been positive results from the scans I have had done too.

"As I have had a rest now hopefully I will be able to do more during the close season as regards training. It will be a long road back but I am hopeful of a return for the start of next season."