1992 Community Stand

Planning Permission is granted for new Community Stand

ALDERSHOT TOWN FC are delighted to confirm that Planning Consent has now been granted to build the new 250 seat "Community Stand" at the High Street end of the ground. Legal representatives for the club and the Council are now working to draw up the necessary documentation to formalise agreement for the work to commence. It is hoped that if all remains on track the stand will be in place well before the end of the year.

Although the new stand will cost the club around £60,000, no tickets for this stand will be sold for any of the club's normal league fixtures, Instead, seats in the new stand will be used by community based groups with a huge emphasis on youngsters such as Schools, Youth Clubs and Junior sports teams as well as other charitable organisations.

In a statement for the www.theshots.co.uk Richard Petty, Associate Director said, "This stand is going to be a Community stand in the true sense of the words. This is not going to be a stand that people can simply buy tickets for. The fans who sit in this stand will be predominantly youngsters and will have been chosen as representative of the many who would love to come to a game but perhaps are not in a position to be able to afford to and who through one of the many schools and other community groups that partner up with Aldershot Town FC will now get the chance to experience first hand the excitement of watching football at the EBB Stadium. We want people to love it and enjoy it, and become Aldershot supporters for life. It is a long-term benefit for the club rather than a short-term gain.
We are absolutely delighted that this project is now well on course, we just feel that this is a great opportunity to encourage youngsters to come through the gates. Football should not just be about sitting on the couch watching Premiership clubs on TV, it is about the atmosphere and having a smaller stadium means that at the EBB you are really close to the action. You can hear it, you can feel it and that’s what will bring people back time and time again once they have experienced it.

"With the town regeneration now well underway in and around Aldershot we want Aldershot Town FC to be the focal point of the community and see this project as a big part of that aim. As a club we would welcome the opportunity for other local businesses and individuals to also get involved in this project and to participate in giving something really worthwhile to the community they live or work in.
The Aldershot Town Supporters Trust and the club's Football in the Community Trust have already come on board and have pledged to donate £5,000 from each organisation to secure debentures of 25 seats per organisation for the next two seasons. There are further pledges from other businesses and individuals details of whom will be announced later.

"The debenture holders can either nominate their own worthy groups to benefit or can link up with Football in The Community who are happy to allocate and distribute the tickets on their behalf. Debentures are initially available for amounts of £1000 or above although it is likely that smaller debentures will be made available for individual donations as the project progresses."

A key person supporting and driving this project is lifetime Shots fan Paul Marcus, Managing Director of local radio station 96.4 The Eagle. Paul would like to add the following to this article by saying that he is thrilled with the response so far from people he has spoken to and that more details will be announced over the coming weeks on exactly how local business and individuals can get involved.
Anyone who would like to find out more about donating towards a debenture for the stand should contact Richard Petty at the club on 01252 320211 or by email to richard@theshots.co.uk.